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Man, I just went through this entire thread and I am thinking, WTF IS WRONG WITH GM!

I have just over 3K on mine, pulled it out of the garage this morning and there was a pool of oil about 12 inches wide. This afternoon, I put her up on ramps and climbed under with the light trying to figure out where its coming from. Fine sheen of oil on the undercar was found but no source. I'm letting it sit overnight with cardboard under it so I can locate where the drops are coming from.

Then it's going to the dealer so there is no futsing around.

I'll tell you, this really makes GM look bad. The Monte Carlo fiasco with the 3.8 leak with them catching fire and their fix was a piece of tin to direct the oil leak away from the exhaust manifold instead of fixing the leak was an absolute insult. Here we go again. OK done venting for now.
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