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Originally Posted by 1MtnGoat View Post
I've been thinking on doing this to my polished wheels. The ZL1 recess has nice sharp edges. I believe if one were to clean the recess well with a q-tip and brake cleaner (sprayed on the q-tip not the wheel). Then use automotive touch-up paint with the small brushes in your choice of colors to paint the ZL1 then wipe off the edges of each letter carefully while the paint is still wet you should get a nice sharp edge. I would put the same type of clear coat over the color coat also. Again clean the edges while the paint is wet. When I find time I think I'm going with a black ZL and a red 1. I don't think the ZL1 needs power coating.
This is a great idea. I'm thinking about buying the Black bowtie precut vinyl and using it on the center caps.
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