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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
MIIIIIIIKE!!!!!! Congrats Man! Sorry it took me so long to find this thread.

And for the moment Randy has been dreading....

I'd like to announce to the world... Mlee now drives a manual...

Oh happy day

Great car Mike. Can't wait to see you guys at the fest
Ha Ha... that is TOO FUNNY...... I'm on your side now with all the ****y guys...

I'll need some lessons before I can become a Jedi Master though... this no lift shift and 6 freakin gears has me all screwed up. Not to mention skip shift... none of which I have experienced yet due to proper break in... What happened to the 4 speed stuff... much easier not to miss a gear.

Originally Posted by PQ View Post

He ONLY has the manual by chance.

But........... ya ............

The circle of trust is in mourning.

True I was a both ways kinda guy, but now I'm there those Auto guys are just sissies who are skeerd to row the gears...

And this cannot be confused with the CIRCLE or TRUST... once you're in that's it.
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