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Originally Posted by SlingShot View Post
Dude, why don't you go down the hall, last door on the left that says Ford. You never have anything positive to say. I hear the Ford room has been looking for guys just like you, and where everything is perfect all the time. And meets all your standards, and where your mom is there to tuck you in at night.
Dude you need to relax... First of all i wasn't talking to you or about your car. I wasn't raggin on his car or anyone's car for that matter...

I pointed something out that the owner might not have noticed so maybe he could fix it...

Did i say WTF GM you can't get sh!t right look at this??? NO! So mind your own damn business man! K...

By the way... My mother passed away two years ago a$$hole so maybe you should think about the sh!t you post before you wanna inject someones mother into the conversation!!!!
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