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I got junk in the trunk!!!

I've had the subs in the car for about a year now, and it was finally time to finish the trunk. For the longest time I couldn't think of what to do, to set it apart to be unique. I also wanted to continue the Transformers theme.

My first idea was a Bumble Bee "installation" art type project on the inner trunk lid. The piece itself is very odd in shape, has ridges and valley's and overall impossible to reproduce easily. So I decided to simply hang a picture like thing on the inner lid. To make it unique I wanted it to be Bumble Bee with lit up eyes. It took me forever to find, and only did because they just came on the market, LED rings small enough to make the eyes. Originally I was gonna re-use my original Halo's with RGB LED's. They are huge though, and would not be possible. I made it with infinity edges top and bottom and solid black frames on the left and right edges. I then had to trim it to fit the trunk opening. Honestly it looks better in photos than in person.

My next idea was making the entire floor of the trunk a picture of BB. This one was gonna be hard. I used the mat as a template, traced it on white plastic fiber board for support. Then I was lucky enough to find a 150 DPI photo I liked and had it turned into a laminated vinyl poster. I first tried Office Max, said no because of copyright laws... Whatever, Kinko's never even mentioned it, but did cost twice as much!!! Poster was 68x29" and I cropped it down to around 55x27". I cropped it to really show off what was there, and I think it turned out amazing.

Last phase for the trunk, lighting the woofers. I looked at ton's of video's on Youtube about LED's and lighting subs. Time and time again I saw around the woofer light up, or neons, etc. But nobody, but nobody had the woofers themselves light up. I knew I could do it. Same place with the little rings sold bigger ones that fit perfectly around the pictures I already had mounted on my woofer cone dust covers. Unfortunately they did not sell them in RGB, just single colors. Well, BB's eyes were already blue in the movie so I made all my inside trunk lights blue. All same shade and match. After I figured it all up and thought it through I knew it would work. People said, ohhhh the weight, will they stay on... etc. Well not only do they work, they look awesome!!! I had to remove the speakers, drill holes in the cone and box to allow wires in. I modified the rings and affixed them onto the pictures just in case I needed to make changes.

Now here's the kicker. I planned all this in a couple days and finished the install in 4!!! I have a life and found time here and there to work on it, but it came together very fast!!! Please leave feedback and tell me what you think.

New HD vids!!!!!!!!!!

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