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I was thinking the seat belts could use some loving, LOL.

I officially done with the heads

Just to show how much detail work I've put into them, look closly in the the area marked in red.

In this pic, you can see how I grinded down that section to make all level with the deepest point.

I think I must have removed a few ounces between both. Doc should under take this project since he is about as crazy as I am when it comes to reducing weight!

Tim from Lingenfelter mailed me some boxes designed to ship heads. I was hoping to have them by Friday but they haven't come it yet. Hopefully Monday.

Plans call for powder coating the timing chain cover, oil pan and the heat shield for the starter in a texture black. I'm thinking of coating the valley plate in a satin black and perhaps motor mount. Not sure what I'm going to do with the front drive brackets yet. Next comes paint the engine in a sating gun metal gray.
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