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So I'm running into a dilemma and I could use some help from everyone.

It's getting to the point in my life that my wife and I are going to be able to afford a house of our own to start a family. I'm planning on doing one last "package" of mods to my car before then. I have a bit of personal money saved up and will be putting some or all of that money towards the package depending on the cost. I'm trying to grab the attention of one more magazine for an article or cover if possible, so please keep that in mind.

I for sure will be getting these smaller mods: Color changing halos, 2-3 carbon fiber interior pieces for the interior (shift knob, 4-pack gauge bezel and possibly arm rest top), Pedders street I bush kit, and maybe a new grill (Heritage, ZL1, Sniper).

The packages that I need to decide between are the following:

Package 1: Exterior
This package consists of exterior body panels and a new paint job to finish the exterior of my car where 100% of the people looking at the car see. This will be the most visually impacting package and will help out at the 5-10 car shows I will attend almsot every year.

Rideskinz Bumper
Vented fenders
Respray of my paint scheme to fix rock chips/allow for clear bra
Powder coating the brake calipers

Package 2: Performance
This package will be a drag pack for when I go to Sacramento Raceway maybe 4-5 time a year. It should allow me to actually launch my car and go for low 11 ET's and actually drag race instead of having fun accelerating at an alarmingly fast rate. =)

Upgraded axles
Upgraded differential
17 or 18" Wheels
Drag Radials
Package 3: Audio
This package consists of an audio/lighting and overall show factor to compete at the import dominated car shows who pretty much look at stance/audio/video for their awards. It will round out my car with having some show, some go and some sound.

Custom Fiberglass/plexi enclosure for the trunk
Rear seat removal
Strobes/general lighting

Package 4: combination of exterior/performance. Updated option

Drag wheels
Drag tires
Powdercoated Caliper
Vented fenders
Painted front end and clear bra
The first two packages will be about the same price with the audio package costing about 2/3's of the other two. With package 1 or 2, I can sell my stock parts to help recuperate the cost but the performance package won't be as appealing to most magazines as the visually oriented packages. I'll be happy with all three packages, and might eventually be able to obtain all three, but there is only enough money for one of those packages for the time being.

What do you guys think I should go with and why??
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