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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
So I'm running into a dilemma and I could use some help from everyone.

It's getting to the point in my life that my wife and I are going to be able to afford a house of our own to start a family. I'm planning on doing one last "package" of mods to my car before then. I have a bit of personal money saved up and will be putting some or all of that money towards the package depending on the cost. I'm trying to grab the attention of one more magazine for an article or cover if possible, so please keep that in mind.

I for sure will be getting these smaller mods: Color changing halos, 2-3 carbon fiber interior pieces for the interior (shift knob, 4-pack gauge bezel and possibly arm rest top), Pedders street I bush kit, and maybe a new grill (Heritage, ZL1, Sniper).

The packages that I need to decide between are the following:

The first two packages will be about the same price with the audio package costing about 2/3's of the other two. With package 1 or 2, I can sell my stock parts to help recuperate the cost but the performance package won't be as appealing to most magazines as the visually oriented packages. I'll be happy with all three packages, and might eventually be able to obtain all three, but there is only enough money for one of those pacakages.

What do you guys think I should go with and why??
I personally think you should look at a combination of 1 and 2.

The car looks great as it sits, so I'd nix the bumper and fender cut outs. I'd have the front end repainted (I'm doing this as well), and leave everything else alone. That way your paint is good and ready for car shows.

You'll never get anywhere at the track without tires. I'd go with the wheels/tires and upgraded axles. Not sure if you'll need the differential, but with better traction there's always a chance.
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