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so i was reading in the forums about Plasti-Dip and wanting to try it out so on a forum high i went out and got a can at Lowes and started the conversion of my tail light bezels. First I took of the bezels which was surprisingly easy and managed not to break a single clamp which I was excited about, having larger hand was trickier for me to get the bottom side of the outside bezels out so I just stuck a shim in and forced them out. For as new as the car was i was really surprised at how dirty it was underneath the bezels, even managed to find a helicopter in there lol. So i got the bezels taped off and ready to be painted, while my first two soft coats of plasti-dip were drying i decided to remove the dealership sticker from the back bumper so its nice and clean now. Finished up painting about 10mins before it started to rain thank God, but immediately had to go to work. Got home from work about an hour ago and was able to pop the Bezels right back in and they look soooo much better. spending time on this forum is definitely benefiting my build.
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