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Originally Posted by 2010 Indy Pace View Post
Sorry, I kind of fell off the grid for awhile! Been trying to get the car out more and make up for all that down-time.

I can't blame you for wanting to enjoy it more, you definitely deserve it after having it down for two months.

I will be honest - I am not looking forward to getting caught in a downpour and having to fully detail my engine compartment!

I did forward those TechAFX hoses onto someone that could use them. For anyone looking to move that solenoid (or not) - just cut the stock fittings off and use the reinforced fuel or transmission hose (If I recall - I got 7/16 from Auto Zone). I replaced all my vacuum hoses with it (including the hard lines). It resists kinking much more than regular vacuum hose will.

Nathan, I love the post with everyone's pics together in it. I think that would be cool up in your first post, or at least a obvious link to it (before it gets buried)

Great idea! I was able to add all the pics to the OP.

Lookin good everybody - keep it up!

Originally Posted by NC-V View Post
Nathan, I would imagine your estimate to be pretty accurate for a billet tank. There is a company local to me also that builds billet accessories and I believe I saw a tank similar to a 5th gen's in their catalog so I will get you their contact info on Monday. They also carry a polished pump.

Thanks Kyle!

If you're heart isn't set on billet, I can garuntee it would be cheaper and quicker to find yourself a good fab shop and bring them your stock pump and tank to have them fab up a nice aluminum tank and use whichever fittings you specify, then just polish it up.

I have that fab shop that built the one I sent you pictures on. They will be my fall back option.

Sorry I haven't been around. My better half was getting a little jealous of the computer.
No worries, go spend time with the ones who matter. They are just cars after all. I glad I'm single for now because I know things would be different if I weren't.

Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
Finally go a decent pic of my engine bay, plan to get better one's but for now, here she is.

Not as pretty as some others, but non the less looks better than the plastic cover. There's a lot going on under that hood so hard to keep her perdy.
Calbert thats Awesome and I'm sure a hell of a lot of fun. I'm going to add it to the picture collage of all our members.

For an update, I'm getting engine parts ready for the powder coated while I'm waiting for the heads to return from Lingenfelter. Here are a few pics of the timing chain cover in the before stage.

You can see it's pretty rough.

After........... used the dremel for the job.

These are the products I using the prep the engine for paint. Got them from my local PPG distributor. Even though the cover is going to get bead blaster before powder coating, I figure it try them out on it to see how well they work.

To say I'm AMAZED on how clean the cover came out is an understatement!

Oh, by the way Doc, I even removed the factory markings on the inside. How's that for weight reduction, LOL. Well, back to the garage ..........

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