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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Sure you can!

This system is one of my favorites Because I really don't have to think to hard to understand how it works.

It's really only a beefed up Alternator, coupled to a big battery. The engine shuts down on low-speed deceleration (i.e. pulling into a parking space, stoplight, or your driveway), and then starts it right back up again the instant the accelerator is pressed. Now, with Li-ion batteries, this will extend the Hybrid's capability and allow for 5mph speeds on all-electric power, like driving down your driveway, or through a parking lot...It doesn't have anything to do with Manual vs Auto transmission.

Well....except for the starting up part. I hadn't thought of that...though, it wouldn't be much different from any other start from 0 in a manual. You'd press the gas to start 'er up, and lightly ease in with the clutch, right?

Here's a hot-link to GM's writeup of the Aura/Malibu/Vue Hybrid system.
Don't they have a electric system that stays on as long as your under a certain speed??
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