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Originally Posted by Big Top Gt View Post
So what's the word on your AutoCad and SEMA transfer status? Can you post up some renderings? It looks like you missed my last post, but I've got some really cool stuff in development and we're always looking for new partners.

If you're not authorized vendors/members, no harm/no foul. I assume I misunderstood an earlier post.

Now regarding you're suggestion that meth isn't the way to go, I think it really depens on what you're considering to be "right".

I think we'd all agree that our first choice is a more efficient heat exchanger, but given the physical limitations of available space, we might not always be able to get the huge intercooler/aftercooler setups stuffed into the car where we need them.

That having been said, and taking a step outside the laws of space and time, it still doesn't change the fact that even with the best inter/after cooler setup in the world, a meth system will further reduce the intake charge temps.

You guys are tuners, so you know better than anyone how that lets your run more timing while minimizing your exposure to a propensity for knock. (read: detonation.)

Personally, I think a meth kit is something most forced induction cars in consistently hot climates like ours (south Florida) should run as an added margin of safety even with the BEST setup available.

Heat exchangers, specicfically, begin to lose efficiency as soon as the fluid heats up. (which we all know happens as soon as you start the car.)

Even at idle, most people would be shocked by some of the intake temps we were seeing in my Blown Saleen S281-SC. (and those guys are the kings of slapping a PD Blower on a car.)

Cliff's Notes on Meth: it isn't the be all, end all, but it's definitely something that should deserve a second look if you have a FI power adder.
We cannot post our CAD data for these but the kit was developed using CAD data as well as test fitting the product on multiple vehicles. I would love to discuss the products you are working on.

Regarding the methanol we have not seen a major temperature difference with these blower setups although we are working on a really cool methanol kit for Camaros

Here are some pictures of our Dual Pass Heat Exchanger in Matte Black Thermal Barrier Heat coating, which also adds a stealth look for people who wants it.

This is a special order item only to have this coating.

Over a Whipple, KB and Magnacharger that all use more efficient setups compared to the ZL1 we are seeing 15-20 degree drops in temperature

This DWARFS the factory unit and any other unit on the market. Our competitors unit's are simply CTS-V units adapted to a Camaro

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