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Originally Posted by Blue70SS View Post
So how are those BMR lower control arms working out for clearance with the Weld rims on hard launches? Mine don't hit anymore, but took a torch to the impact spot and hammered in, as well as grinding - plus jacked rear up as far as possible with Pfadt coilovers. Also I run 1/4" spacers and modified wheel studs. Beefy LCA's would be nice if wheel clearance issues vanished.

BTW, SSE 4 2SS sent me a PM that you were inquiring about the Street Slayer Triple Carbon he has. I love it so far - I'm waiting for 500 street miles before WOT high RPM shifts. Installed it last Friday and so far super happy. It engages much higher, so full disengagement is definitely not a problem. Pedal pressure is slightly more than stock - I probably feel my LPE return spring more, which is still smart to have. Pedal pressure on my ZR1 CX max was alot more, which didn't bother me at all, but shows this clutch should be alot easier on the OEM clutch hydraulics. I've only drove it 120 highway miles and about 60 city traffic mile so far. It's a learning experience after driving the ZR1 that began engagement about 1" off the floor with full engagement at about 4". This was my 2nd ZR1 clutch and 1st one cost me rebuilding the RPM level 6 tranny - 2nd one was about to do the same. ZR1 clutch came out looking great still. Triple Carbon is streetable, but I do need to pay attention and I'm sure it will become 2nd nature. Anything after 1st gear is totally a non issue and feels great. Taking off on the street I find it best to keep RPM closer to 1k and carefully take off - 2k and not paying attention at all can result in a quick jump. This looks like the ticket for utilizing OEM hydrolics, not killing my syncros, and obviously holding the power. Rebuilds will be less than a new ZR1 clutch/flywheel combo. Wish I did this before - could have bought 2 and still saved money and aggravation. I'll report more when taken to the track after break in.

I would have sent a PM, but figured good info for others.
Thanks for the info on the clutch. I will wait to see how it goes for you at the strip. My MAX-CX clutch is not the issue, it's the POS Slave Cylinders/Throwout Bearings that keep coming apart. I have been through about 6 or 7 slave cylinders since I have had my Camaro (August 2009). This last one was ok until I took it to the strip this past weekend, now I get a loud squealing noise in neutral with the clutch pedal out. I am sure it's another slave cylinder/throwout bearing. Let me know once you hit the strip a few passes on how the clutch does.

As far as the BMR LCA's, I haven't had ANY rubbing at all with the Welds.

Here is a picture of one of them that came out a few months back. This is what they have all looked like coming out.

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