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Originally Posted by Gentry78 View Post
why do so many people think there will be everything in the trunk, that makes no since all that means is extra wires and components, that will cost more that GM ain't gonna spend and be a waste for the majority of the public that will new touch the system. i'm pretty positive were going behind the dash for the signal if its even there, if not its real easy to to hook up a line level converter, or use the high level inputs with low pass filter on the amp but not recommended
It's because of the dealer installed sub GM has planned, it makes sense that they would run a few wires back there at the factory to keep the dealer installs easy and trouble free. Installing extra speaker/power wiring can be much more efficient in man-hours when it's part of the factory assembly even if a relatively low percentage of buyers opt for the sub. Wire isn't terribly expensive and it's easy enough to offset the cost of a lot wires with what they'll be charging for the 'GM' subwoofer.

Originally Posted by Supermans View Post
Someone who own a camaro, please let us know about the standard sound and BA upgrade in all models...
Seems a bit off-topic for this thread, there are already a few other threads discussing/comparing the standard and BA speakers though.
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