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Originally Posted by Supermans View Post
However can someone acknowledge this or deny this who has a Camaro? I can't believe this info is still something nobody seems to know about still.. Furthermore wether or not ordering the BA upgrade matters or not...
Most people aren't going to be in a hurry to fiddle around figuring out where any such wiring is or isn't until GM gets the sub upgrade for sale since it's install directions should make it clear what we have to work with. Mcernik is the only one anywhere that's really looked much at all so far (at least that I've seen post about it anywhere). I do understand your standard vs BA stereo question a bit better now but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting on any solid answers. The subwoofer isn't supposed to require the BA system though and I doubt GM would want to have two seperate install procedures but that's just logical speculation which may or may not correspond to GM's logic.
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