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Being impatient sometimes pays off....

After all the calling GM and harrassing my dealer every other day, I decided to go back to the source that gave me my dealer and where I built my I went back to the site I saw that it was 13 Camaros in my area for sale so I started making phone calls. On the first call I made I found a dealer with a SIM 2LT RS Auto Black Leather interior (w/o sunroof :()..I said what the hell I can live without a sunroof even though I have never had one...And also SIM was my second choice anyhow....So while talking to the dealer further he said the car was on the showroom with only 8 miles on it...I said ok and then proceeded to asked him the million dollar question, "Is there a dealer Mark-Up on that car?" And then came out the magic words, "No, we are not selling this car over MSRP"...I told him to put the SOLD sign on that car and I will be there shortly...I left work immediately and rest was history.


Pros: For a V6, that car is fast as hell. If you step on it off a ramp that thing takes off. The components in the car are somewhat user friendly. The handling is amazing. The sound system is vicious and the Boston speakers are very loud with nice bass. The ambient lighting on the doors is tight but I thought it was going to be on the dashboard too. Oh well...The seat are comfortable and hugs your body like a sports car should. The HID lights are very bright and the Halos are the icing on the cake. The gas milage is amazing. As fast as I was driving last night that needle should be at least under 3/4 of the tank. But the needle is barely off of Full.

Cons: The roof and all the windows are very low. The backseat is a joke just like the back seat of the Lexus SC and the Drop-top Jag. There is no on/off switch for the foglights (they are your daytime running lights). The rear window is smalls so be careful backing up. Especially in parking garages. The brake dust can become a headache because I have alot of it already. The tires on the RS Package are in fact summer tires, so now I'll have to pay $200+ per tire in the Fall to get some Toyo AS tires. Lastly, be prepared to be followed by the police. They followed me all morning on my way to work. One held up traffic to talk to me. Crazy I know.

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