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Nick Boulin
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"First, the mechanic removed all of the 134a from the system and checked the content. He found that there was 2 ounces of freon TOO MUCH. The system is supposed to have .54kg (approx. 19 ounces) and my car had .61kg (approx. 21 ounces).
The mechanic thinks that the extra freon might have caused higher operating pressure, which might cause the compressor to cycle too frequently. But, only 2 extra ounces - he discounted that as a reason for the problem."

Overcharged A/C system will act just like an undercharged system and give less than desirable results. 2oz doesn't seem like much but if it only holds 19oz, your talking about a 11% overfill. Glad you got it all taken care of.
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