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Thanks for the comments!

So, as usual, I'm never really happy with anything so I decided to drop the rear another 1/2". I like the look of the raked stance but I always envisioned a more "level" stance. Besides, I read from Pete at Pedders, I think, that a level ride stance is better for handling. I really don't race or anything but I want the best handling car I could get, especially with all I have into it, know what I mean?

Anyway here's the stats on my ride height. The raked look had the front end at 657mm (1 1/4" drop from stock) and the rear at 668mm (1" drop from stock) I ended up after adjusting the rear coilovers, retiming bushings and alignment at 655 front and 651 rear. Somehow the rear dropped a little after alignment.

The alignment tech told me he noticed that the e-brake cables were rubbing so when I got the car home I had to jack it up and adjust the cable in the mounts to reduce the slop and pull it away from the wheels. This thread helped me figure out how to do it!

Next mod will be RPI ZL style side skirts to match the splitter, as soon as they are ready! Come on RPI I can't wait!

Here's pics before and after!
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