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Here ya go Rob

Plenty of room to expand the garage.
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well, the worst part is that to come in the driveway in the back of the house (top of the pic) is really tough as it is a narrow entrance with a brick/concrete retaining wall on either side as the house sits on a slight hill. the good news is that there is a double door gate straight off of the garage that I can use to drive from the front driveway (bottom of pic) through the front yard to the back if need be.

and I would be pouring new concrete anyway. hell, if I'm pulling the old place out, might as well pour a new driveway at the same

here's a few more pics of the house and layout
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I'm going to sit down with some graphing paper and draw out my plans for the garage. its not going to happen any time soon so I've got time to review my thoughts on it.

oh and on a side note, Emily called me on the way home yesterday and at one point in the conversation mentioned that she liked the mailslot on the camaros(v8s) (she called it the nose slit) over the ones without (v6's). So it appears that when the time comes... I wont be going

We looked at probably 50-60 houses in the last couple years and we've found a bunch that we both loved, but were either way too expensive or out in the @$$ crack of creation (which I wouldnt mind for everything I would be getting) One house had a 2400sq ft unfinished basement that the guy had converted to an under house garage... and it had a 3 car detached garage already and 5 acres of land, but out in the boonies.

My only real requirement for a house was that it had at least a 2 car garage. The worst part of it all is that apparently I have no idea what my wife wants in a house. she would send me a few listings to look at and I would then find other ones that I thought were similar/identical... and she'd tell me they were ugly or something else. women...

this house does not have a ceiling that is less than 10ft and the only one that is 10 ft is the bathroom. the top of the doorway in the hallway (2nd row, middle pic) is 8ft... then theres another 3-4 ft before you hit the ceiling. The house itself could be a 1.5 story looking at it from the outside. but its HUGE inside. (see pics below) one of the coolest things about the house is that it has the original sinks in the bedrooms (that was apparently popular back in the 20s)

copied from the other thread...

and if anyone cares... I have a really old thread (2 years ago)on here somewhere from when I moved into the house I'm at now
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