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I undertook my biggest project to date. I was sick of almost getting run over by clowns only to beep my tiny euro horn in feeble anger. I wanted a train horn. In order to do that, I needed to open up some space. So, I ordered the Roto Fab washer relocation kit. While I was at it, I figured I should just cowboy up and add a CAI and Apex scoop. I used the scoop as a mounting base for my horn, which worked out great. I got suckered in to using a bolt from the original washer for the pump. It looked great and worked awesome, until I lowered the car and the tire practically smashed it. I ended up attaching the pump to the scoop as well. At first I was worried about stress on the metal. After install, it wasn't even phased by the weight. In fact, the Apex washer relocation kit puts the reservoir in the same place I put my pump. In the end everything worked out. I can now certainly be heard. I used an add-a-circuit on the horn button circuit. What's nice is that the train horn doesn't beep when I arm the alarm system. Nice for those late nights in my neighborhood.
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