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Talking HeatShield Custom Fit Camaro Windshield Reflector

HeatShield Custom Fit Camaro Windshield Reflector: $39.95

HeatShield Custom Fit Camaro Convertible Windshield Reflector: $39.95

Keep your car cool and protect your dash and upholstery. Aside from being practical, HeatShield makes a great gift for a co-worker, friend, or family member!


Car Stays Cooler.

Absolutely. We’ve measured a temperature difference of as much as 40˚ F (25˚ C.), but you will feel an average temperature reduction in your car of about 25˚ F.

Fits Right!

We’re serious about accuracy. Our computer-driven cutting machines are capable of producing exact HeatShields for virtually every car, truck and van.

No Fasteners.

HeatShield is designed to be supported with the car’s sunvisors alone. No Velcro, no suction cups, or anything else!

Easy to Use.

Unroll across dash, lift HeatShield and drop sunvisors. For storage, roll up and secure with special Velcro strap.

Two Year Warranty

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