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Originally Posted by MAC View Post
Holy crap...this is going to be a Huge/Long project for you...As per usual, I strongly suggest going over to Thirdgen.Org for the assistance you need.
As helpful and kind as the people here on Camaro5 are, they aren't going to be as much help as going to, nor as enthusiastic.

I've had my car since Jan '11, and have gotten TONS of help over on that site, Not just from making threads, but also Searching the boards for useful information pertaining to the issue I'm having...9 times out of 10, the issue has already been discussed and solved.
Yeah tell me about it, I'm not really looking forward to it, but he's my cousin, and he needs a working car at the very least. Anyway, thanks for the advice, I'll give third a go. See you over there! lol
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