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Originally Posted by Rob916 View Post
I just installed an Arc Audio KS 500.1 amplifier and Arc audio 12" sub in a dual aeroport box today and I will say that it was very easy to work with. The Boston Acoustics amplifier was in the trunk behind the panel to the left hand side behind the left tail light. The BA setup has a full range output for the front speakers and bi-amplified outputs for the rear 6x9's (separate high and low frequency speaker outputs). I tagged a Peripheral LOC to the low frequency outputs. You can tag the factory amp turn on for the remote wire, it is a white wire on the very end plug. Overall it was very installer friendly as the battery was also in the trunk. Next week the vehicle is coming back and I am removing the Peripheral LOC and installing an Arc Audio summing LOC, installing a 4 channel Arc amplifier to go along with the KS 500.1 and changing out the front components and rear 6x9's.

Can you give us an idea of cost? Great post by the way!!
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