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Nick bought new rotors, so we installed the 5/8” long wheel studs in them. We had to pound out the stock studs and drill the holes out bigger to accept the larger diameter studs. We got the tires mounted up on some new 15x8” racing wheels with 3” backspacing.

We had to remove the rear axles in order to drill them for the larger studs. In order to make sure our holes are dead center on the existing smaller holes, we chucked up a transfer punch that was the same size as the existing holes and then we lined it up and clamped it down:

Here is a comparison shot of the old studs and the new larger variety. Sorry about the blurry pic, but you get the idea:

For the engine, Nick had a four bolt main 350 that came out of a step side pickup his dad got in a trade. He tore it down, and the thing was actually in pretty good shape. It has .030 over TRW pistons and an Iscanderian cam in it. There was very little wear on the engine, so we decided to throw a set of rings and bearings at it and call it good. It also got a new oil pump, water pump, and a seven quart claimer style oil pan. We got a cast iron 2 bbl intake from the junkyard and also got some exhaust manifolds. We do not yet have the carburetor. We need a Holley 4412 for this class. We also need to grab an early HEI dizzy for it. Here is a picture of it tore down.

Here is the cam that is in it:

Here it is all assembled and ready for mock up:

Nick picked up a used Sagina tranny for $50 off of craigslist. Since the car has the clutch pedal assy in it, we want to use the stock style hydraulic clutch system for this race car. In order to avoid fabbing a slave cylinder bracket, we decided to use a metric bellhousing with the bracket on it. The bolt holes on the tranny and bellhousing lined up, but the bearing support / front cover on the tranny was to big to fit in the hole on the bellhousing. I unbolted the bearing housing and chucked it up in the lathe to turn it down so that it fit into the bore on the bellhousing. That seemed to do the trick. Nicks dad bought him a twin stick shifter with funky purple shift rods, so we have some bling to bolt on. Yes, I know we have the shifter handles facing the wrong way in this photo:

Here is a view of that front bearing support we had to turn down in the lathe in order to get the bellhousing to fit:

We still have a lot of work to do. Probably at least 80 hours worth of work needs to be done. That is just to get it on the track. Tuning and setting up the suspension is a whole ‘nother story. For the street stock class, the first race is tomorrow night. We obviously won’t make that race or any other race in May for that matter. We are hoping to have it ready to race in June.

If there are any questions or constructive criticism, I would love to hear it., Otherwise, stay tuned because there will be more to come.
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