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Originally Posted by Tysen View Post
That's cool, I'll settle for the Mark 2 model. Love the logos.
haha, well the Mark 2 model WAS better , I hope it turns out as planned, ill keep ya updated on how I advance mine through its phases, if you dont mind doing the same, maybe we can bounce ideas back and forth. Hopefully we can manage to keep these two camaro's unique for awhile. and hope none of those gay mustangs catch on! haha,
I like your sub installation, mine happens to be just a box i have bolted under the trunk behind the seat, cutting my trunk space in half. but i did install the AMP on the back of the pull down seat, that way when i need to get to it or replace blown fuses, i just pull the back seat down and there it is, a thought, it looks like yours might be installed on the floor (just thinking incase you need to set something on top of it ya know?)
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