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Originally Posted by colingordon View Post
I am getting a 2012 2LS
Originally Posted by PalmerGA View Post
I'm thinking it really depends on what your reason for making mods is. For instance, I love the looks of my 1LT/RS so I'm not spending $$$ on asthetics.

The sound needs some help and I'd like to get max MPGs, so I've ordered MRT-V2 Axleback exhaust and CAI Cold Air Induction. Both are said to increase HP and MPG.

My other concern is keeping my inner engine clean and efficient so, I have ordered an RX Catch Can as well.

So as I said, I think YOU have to pick your priorities once you've put a few miles on it. If I could make only one mod, I'd probably choose the Catch Can. I know the engines are designed to function just fine without it, but I plan on having this car a lonnnnnnnng time. Dirty engine = not good.
Great advice from Palmer here. Set your priorities and go from there. My 1st priority was to get rid of the weak OEM exhaust. I got the MRT V2 exhaust, a CAI Inc Cold Air kit, and the RX catch can to take care of the internals. I've got pics in my garage if you want to check them out.

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In this order:

Get Ashen Gray Metallic
More good advice!
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