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Originally Posted by 2010ABM View Post

Let's start a short Camaro Drivers Club. I'm 5'4" tall, I remember meeting you at the Fest in Phoenix.
Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Ya but I'm taller than you. And my car is faster. And louder. And prettier.

Faster? Yes. Louder? Yes. Prettier? Hmm.....taking the 5th on this one....

Originally Posted by PQ View Post
BTW. You type like a girl.
ROBERT types like a girl....

Originally Posted by Dangeruss View Post
My wife can join you.

And you take blurry pictures.
Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
WTF... Mike, is there nothing you won't stoop to... oh wait...

AND what I get for staying logged on at the shop....

(loud sigh)....
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