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JDP RS Halo Kit

So far I have jacked up the car and pulled out the wheel wells. Will update as the night goes on.

First attempt at taking off the bumper. Need to watch the video once more. 4th times the charm. I found it easier to get to the 10mm bolts by removing the wheel well completely.

Here is the front bumper off with the module hooked up ready to do a test to make sure the lights work.


Head lights out ready for a small surgery. I found this very simple... the second light. The first light took me about an hour. I have all the recommended tools and it was still tricky. The second light took about 20 min. Putting them back together was a snap. I didn't need to use a magnet for the small screws.

All that is removed is this tiny led.

Another test to make sure I didn't mess anything up putting the lights back together.

The control module is attached to the back of the bumper support right in front of the radiator

Finally had some time to grab a couple quick pictures of the project that was finished a month ago. I have been waiting for my photographer to take some good pictures. She is very busy so these will have to do for now.

All the pictures have the scanner bar ON. Right now both the scanner bar and halos are on one switch.

Red - Used most often





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