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New Best ET and MPH....... We went 9.31@154.81 at the LSX shoot out today! I am reasonably confident it was the fastest 5th gen (that is still actually a 5th Gen) at the event. The RPM White Brick would have given us a good run but unfortunately they broke both days...should be some good racing in our near future though.

Converter is still too tight but that's good...means there is more left in it and we shredded another belt so have something to sort out there as even being cogged, it shouldn't be going through a belt every 4 runs.

Clearly thanks go to Ron @ Vengeance Racing for building a kick ass car as well as Procharger, RPM Transmissions, Hendrix Engineering, Driveshaft Shop, ARH Headers and Pfadt Racing as all contributed to the build with some bad ass parts! We have more left in the car and expect to be seeing 8 second time slips very soon. Please list on the list as HufferSS/Vengeance.

Tires used on the pass: Hoosier 28x10.50x17" Rear Slicks...M&H skinnies rolling on Bogart wheels.
Performance Mods (if any): RHS 434, Mast LS7 Heads, Procharger F1-X, ARH 2" headers, RPM 4L80 Trans, DSS 9", 3.50 rear gears.
Category submitted for: Power Adders
R/T.......... .236
60'............. 1.542
330'........... 4.097
660'........... 6.122
660’ mph... 122.53
1000'.......... 7.852
1320'.......... 9.31
1320’ mph… 154.81
Name of the track: Atlanta Dragway
Date of pass: 06/03/2012
Weather conditions: (include Density Altitude, if known): DA is 2207, 80 degrees and sunny.

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Built by Vengeance Racing
9.31@154.81 mph
Procharger F1-X
RPM Level 7 4L80e + Coan Converter
Hendrix 9" Rear Axle + 3.50 Gear
ARH 2" LTs+3.5" Exhaust
Fore Fuel System, Bogarts + Hoosier Slicks
Pfadt Drag Pack Suspension
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