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Thanks Everyone.
Ill post a top view pic later today when its back in the driveway.
I dont drive it much its her new toy.. I will say tho I havent had this much fun with a car since i was a teenager ... ie customizing it and things ... Its also one of the funnest cars Ive driven. I had all the work done after I bought the car and had it hidden for a month before she got it on Mothers Day.
I currently drive a 2011 cad escalade ext
I tend to be fond of european sports cars my self
the borla exhaust is the louder of the 2 versions offered from the dealer.
The Stripes were done custom at a local shop I only picked the color of the red and the silver/grey carbon Fiber striping material and explained what I was looking to do.
The shop matched the 45 ut out from the original stripe in the red and brought the rest all the way down and over the roof.
its also a rs 2ss? w/ a short throw 6sp manual
Ill be sharing new pics with the wheels added next week when they arrive :P



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