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Originally Posted by stieger View Post
Ah gotchya.

Also PQ. You should send your auto shifter bezel to lupe to get painted. IMO it looks out of place
Agreed. I want to do something with it. Not sure what though.

Originally Posted by Ivan @ Southwest Speed View Post
Noweeds cutout buttons look sick there!!

Totally installing the next set like that for somebody. That's where they shoulda always been.

Outter two buttons usually held together open the cutouts...inner button closes it.

You can also "preset" a position with that kit....not bad.

Great work right there PQ.
Gave me practice removing the gauge cluster.

Originally Posted by Mr Twisty View Post
I see you and Chris are both modding your cars... getting ready for the big race?
Yup. My cut-outs are there to scare him and so he can't hear his own engine.

Originally Posted by SSBUSDRVR View Post
Looks great PQ! Nice work. Which one is the ejection button?
It's on the steering wheel. The button that says 'BONGONE' on it.

Originally Posted by 600hp-lpe View Post
Well... apparently PQ is on the "constant improvement" MOD theme.

Chris, MMM... Not so much.
I'm paying guys to run into his car to keep him occupied.
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