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Pedders FE 4/5 Rear Swaybar and LCA upgrade

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Finally got a chance to do some "testing"

I need to put the front sway on full soft. and see the difference... but I can say the car will certainly carry more speed than it did before... No question...

I deliberately tried to get the rear end to let go... without any throttle input... but by just starting wide and decreasing the turn radius... and I was to chicken to find the point where it would let go... I'm by no means a pro diver so carrying the speed I was, I wasn't sure I'd be able to correct in time to keep from hitting a curb... There is no doubt the car is more connected in a turn... Seems to me that it is a little more forgiving to throttle inputs in a turn also... I was in 2nd doing about 50 in a turn and was blipping the gas to try and drift the car and it didn't come loose like it used to. It just went faster.... I had to jump on the gas to get it to break loose at lower speeds/sharper turns....

I'm really looking forward to getting on an Autox... just to learn where the limit is... I'm not good/brave enough to try and find it otherwise.

but I can say for a relative rookie like me the difference is noticeable....

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