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Originally Posted by jeffny09 View Post
Im surprised not.more people r jumping.on this

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Me too! We need to get this going ASAP and at a price point everyone feels comfortable at.

However, I'd rather see a lower group buy price point than the one suggested, rather than have the package include any upgraded size bottles, extra towels, etc. We already get a 10% discount for members of Camaro5, which brings the $330 porter cable kit down to a tad less than $300. I just don't see a price point of $300 for the group buy being appealing enough since people can already buy the kit for that online with our Camaro5 discount. The addition of towels, extra bottle sizes, etc. just won't seal the deal. The lower price point beyond our normal Camaro5 discount is what's goign to be needed to jumpstart a group buy on a large scale I think. I do believe that our discount is fantastic though, and we all appreciate it. I've bought a lot of stuff from you in the past, so that shows, as well as your quality of products. I'm not trying to undermind that one bit. I'm speaking for this group buy, and what I think will do to get more business for Adams, as well as provide a great discount for us forum members.
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