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Originally Posted by KILLER74Z28 View Post

Auto analyst Erich Merkle said he believes the Camaro will still be hot in two years.

GM's only mistake with the Camaro was killing it in the first place, he said. "I don't think they'll have any problem generating excitement. God, I love that car."
I don't think that proves anything. Being an auto enthusiest I am sure that, like us, much of anything is going to kill this guy's interest in the car. You have to consider the average person who will be buying this car that is not necessarily an enthusiest. Imagine someone going into a dealership after seeing this amazing car in the transformers movie, then seeing it promoted elsewhere ready to buy. They walk in and ask if they have any of the new Camaros on the lot... "I'm sorry sir, the Camaro is not scheduled to come out for another year and a half." Ok, I'll go buy a mustang or Challenger instead.

Not to say that this is going to happen a lot, but I wouldn't be suprised if it does cost them quite a few sales.
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