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Originally Posted by NH-SS View Post
Funny you should mention that,.. As I'm getting ready to start making these bushings, writing directions on how to install them. I'm concerned about in propper installation and any potential issues that may arise from that.
While I have over 10k on mine,.. and it's still pretty much perfect. There is the question of any liability.
Comments ??
As far as the Hurst warranty goes (didn't even know there was one), the only way they will know you replaced their bushing is if you tell them. If you have to send it back, just put their bushing back in first. Here is a link to Hurst's installation instructions and here is a link to Hurst's install video. I wouldn't think any other instructions would be necessary.
Would also like to thank NH-SS for taking the time to make these bushings and to say I assume all responsibility for any disastrous events that may occur as a result of my installing this potentially dangerous bushing. LOL.

Way too many mods and way too much money. Wouldn't have it any other way.
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