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Well lets see,Up until the gen4 camaros and not until 98 i might add, chevy has NEVER been on top of the sports car /muscle car wars.

60s was dodge one word HEMI
70s was mixed bag of nuts.
80s was ford dont even try to tell me that the irocs could hang with 5.0s.
90s was ford. When svt was introduced, they never looked back.Camaros were always heavier.Hopefully they are smarter this time.The new mustang is a tank.Ford did not need a supercharger on the 93-95 lightning and was 100 ci smaller and stil competed with the 454ss and was a drivers race.Not that it matters but the lightning outhandled the 454ss by um........alot

yes chevy had the great ones here and there but they were never on top.

if you remember correctley in the 80s ford 5.0s were a much closer to the "corvette" flagship car than any z28 camaro at the strip (street cars)The z28s (irocs) were not even close to comparison for 15 years!!!!.....fact

svt cobra from 93-to current were always faster stock for stock. (street cars)I know you might say well gm didnt have a svt program but thats too bad.They had their choices.Top line to top line.Chevy has always been beat.Corvette is the exception.But you all know thats not in the same class.

"Regarding the new look being outdated - I disagree. GM did this one smart IMO. they took the retro design one step further. The new Camaro isn't as retro as the Mustang for a few reasons. One big one is by the time it hits showrooms, the Mustang will be redesigned a bit, it will have more modern versions of the classic Mustang styling, something GM put a lot of thought into and already has with the Camaro."


Most people these days do not keep a car for 7 years before getting rid of it.Yes , some might keep their weekend car for 30 years but thats not what we are talking about here.We are talking about the "general public" NOT ENTHUSIAST.

If you are a potential "sport coupe buyer" and currently have a camaro and its time to trade, statistics will tell you that you will not wait for the new camaro .You will buy a mustang or similar.Only enthusiast will sit and talk about a car for 2 years and patiently wait for it like all of us! The general public wakes up decides to trade in the car today and goes to the dealership.If GM or any company payed most attention to its enthusiast and not the general public, they would be broke by now.

Also, dont misunderstand me. Why do you think the first year of any given new production vehicle has the most gross profit margin per vehicle ??? because everybody wants them and is willing to pay for it without rebates and discounts .Once the "newness" wears off,It is down to the pure essentials of the car which will make it a sucess or a flop.

I never said it wasnt a modern outdated design.What i said is by the time people can buy the car, they will have seen so many pictures of the car it will seem like old news.Thats all

I have no idea how the camaro will do long term but its been proven in statistics that when you prematurly announce a car, people actually get sick of waiting and decide to buy something else.These are studied statistics, not my opinion.


"The Mustang styling is great, they are selling alot of cars being the only kid in the ball game, but GM is knocking on the door, when Ford answers they'd better be able to keep up the pace "

To this I laugh out loud. Fact, Ford has been on top and probally will continue.YOu are basing your opinions on what you THINK chevy MIGHT DO.Im stating facts on what Ford HAS DONE. Chevy has not even told you what motor is going in this camaro..........
cobra 360ho......
lightning 380hp
shelby gt500.....500hp
shelby gt 325hp

Chevy needs to answer not Ford.........................Ford has already proved itself.Chevy needs to put their motor where your mouth is.....LOL


also, I didnt need to be the first on the block with a shelby gt 500. Ford is so secrative about how many they are actually making and how many years,I didnt want to be left behind.Thats why i paid a premium. I will wait on the camaro because like the regular mustang, it will probally be around for a while.I dont need the top dog limited SS Z28 camaro, Just the biggest they make in high production.My collection is mostly SVT anyway.I just want to have the new 3 .Just like the challenger.I will buy a hemi car but it wont have to be the 600hpo version if they just make one with the current 425 one.425 will be fine.
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