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Damn, you are long winded - you need to re-format that reply, I can't tell old replies from your reply

in the sixties, the BBC Camaros beat the Hemis on the street, dad lived that era and sent quite a few packing.

The Eighties, the 5.7l Camaro beat the 5.0L Mustang flat out. The only thing Ford had goiing for them was the bang for the buck with the 5.0L LX cars.
When the flag dropped the Camaro was out front.

Trucks? Different conversation entirely. GM felt a need to stay out of the performace truck market for some reason, that didn't seem to hurt sales any. Silverado/Sierra sales have been all over the F150 for years. Talk is with the GMT900 trucks, Chevy will out sell Ford alone, time will tell if that comes true or not.

Regarding the Ford GM comment in the last paragraph - HP numbers are one thing, You sound like a Ford purist so it is hard to swallow. The GM motors have outperformed the Ford motors in the Pony car wars. It was that way with the 3rd Gen Camaros and again with the 4th Gen, I have no doubt the 5th Gen will be the very same way.
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