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Originally Posted by shelbyGT500 View Post
svt cobra from 93-to current were always faster stock for stock. (street cars)I know you might say well gm didnt have a svt program but thats too bad.They had their choices.Top line to top line.Chevy has always been beat.Corvette is the exception.But you all know thats not in the same class.
Some people class sports/muscle cars by price range. Thus paying 47,755 plus 18,000$ puts your beloved shelby right in the price range of ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the Corvette.

The SVT mustangs have never been in the same price range as the camaro. ya chevy had the choice to not have a program like svt so all that coment proves is that they are in different classes that cannot be compaired with out knowledge of the differences in performance characteristics. You wouldn't compair your GT500 to a stock 1969 vw bug it would be like compairing apples to oranges.

Alow me to also point out the 2002 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 limited to 69 total cars show me a stock mustang that can compete with that.

Originally Posted by shelbyGT500 View Post
I paid a $18,000 premium for my Shelby.Sucks but i wanted it.
websight for base shelby gt 500
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