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Originally Posted by SSWAG View Post

Thanks for your post! Sure, I'll try to answer your questions.

1. The body kit is from Razzi and it's sold by many vendors. I bought mine from Jason at
Razzi Camaro V8 Ground Effects Kit (P/N 130-100)

2. As mentioned in my thread, the rotors came from and they work great (see part #'s below):
Cross-Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors ( P/N CB-62124 F & CB-62119 R)

3. Regarding the exhaust diverter system, I will need to refer you to Steve Koenig, the owner of at (605) 830-1146 or He can explain how his system works. It is more difficult to install his system in a convertible like mine, due the extra frame braces, but it is possible (more labor involved). If you visit his website, you can watch some videos about it on Youtube.

4. Yes, the rear spoiler is made by GM. However, when the body shop deinstalled the previous spoiler, they also removed the old AM antenna and tried to reinstall it inside my trunk lid. Unfortunately, the AM Radio doesn't work anymore as a result. The problem is that this antenna wasn't designed to work through metal (only plastic or fiberglass). I just wished he reinstalled the antenna inside the new spoiler, then I would not have had a problem with the radio. So now I am working on a solution to correct this issue. C5 MEMBERS: I AM OPEN TO IDEAS (please)!
GM Dovetail Rear Spoiler (GM P/N 92234283) *

Thanks for all the info.

One clarification I wanted to make was I didn't mean the brake rotors, I meant the physical fender vents.

From the pictures yours seem to be made functional, and that is what I was curious about.
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