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ShelbyGT500 dont get me wrong about the Lightning and Cobras they were the top dogs of the 90's The main point I was trying to make is that there is no real comparison between the Z28/SS and a cobra. I just dont like it when someone bashes one of the big three and any of their products. Yes I am brand loyal however my brand loyalty is to Chevrolet Dodge and Ford. I will always buy American cars. Further more I agree that the cobra was top dog it is just my love for the Camaro being my first car if only for a month is undying. I have always liked the looks of the camaros the most. Ya the 80's were a trying time looks wise but they were trying times looks wise for the mustangs too. I have never liked the looks of the fox body mustangs. And please dont stop giving your opinions. All opinions are greatly appreciated. They make for good conversations. Please continue to give yours.
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