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Guys, I'm sorry...but I have a feeling the 93 Cobra had a wee bit more hp than that and was most likely faster than a Z28. Not trying to start an argument here or anything, but I've experienced the 93 Cobra first hand. My previous roommate had a 93 5.0 H0 (stolen from my old apt complex) and then bought the 93 Cobra (which I "picked up for him" after having his alarm installed). It only took me 2 hours to go about 7 miles to drop if off at his work....hehehehe... So here it is. I've driven the was #*#*#*# fast! I have also driven his 97 LT1 Z28 and it sure did not feel like keeping up to that Cobra. I don't have factual written info...just first hand experience driving both. I could be wrong and it could be different when running them side by side...but let's be real....the fox body 5.0 ltr Mustangs were FAST. When they slapped in the 4.6 ltr V8, they screwed up big time and there's a ton of people out there who will agree with me on that one. I loved that 5.0!
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