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Tail light tint

Picked up some spray tint at Wal-Mart.


First I took the plastic cover off the top of the light housing. Its held in by 3 plastic clips that came out very easily with a flat head screw driver. Then I removed the chrome bezels. These pulled off extremely easily as well. No tooling required. I discovered it gets very dirty behind the bezels. good time to get it all cleaned up!

Getting the lights out was a bit tricky. They are each held in by 3 10mm nuts. I wasnt able to get a wrench in to a couple of the places, but most of them were only hand tight.

Once the nuts are off and you twist the bulb out, the light slides right out.

Time to tint

After tint. I did one thick coat. Friends that have done this say they get better results with one coat than with several light coats

After they dry Ill have pics of them installed.

Here they are installed with no trim. Getting them back in was pretty simple. A couple of the nuts were hard to get back on, but with a little patience its doable. Getting the bulbs to line up was also a bit tricky. I had to take the housing out a couple times to make sure the right size tabs were lining up. They can only go back in one way.

Installed with trim and trunk down. I think they give the car a whole new look. I took it out yesterday and got very positive feedback. Next step is to spray the side markers.

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