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Originally Posted by alex33x View Post
Andy could problaby do it in half the time, and half the price... Just saying
Originally Posted by 2010ABM View Post
Racbum and Hennessey go ways back his 2010 is a HPE 600 so he wants to upgrade his ZL1 to the HPE650 it’s all personal taste as well as other factors price is not a factor in his decision. Down the road resale value will come into play and when you deal with a company like Hennessey, Lingenfelter, or Callaway these cars will bring in a higher premium because of the name. When you have a car that is worked on by ADM, Torq, ect… in the eyes of resale value it’s just another car that was worked on by another performance shop I am not saying the work they do is subpar I am not it’s just they just do not have the same prestige. If you had 2 ZL1’s side by side one that is a Hennessey HPE 650, and the other ZL1 that was worked on by Adam performance or Torq, or Vengeance Racing which ZL1 do you think will draw the most attention it also comes down to trust he knows the kind of work they do and you stick with what works.

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