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I'm telling you guys I got pulled over in SD all the time. Luckily for me all my engine mods were 50 state legal. But I had to produce the CARB certs for each mod, assuming the officers knew what to look for. In the 5 years I had my truck there, I got pulled over maybe 8 or 9 times only to prove that I had legal mods, I'm not talking about speeding or anything like that. I was pulled over just to pop the hood... So Cal isn't the Hot Rod home it used to be.

Can you imagine a S/C Camaro with an integrated inercooler. The police are gonna open the hood and start hauling people to jail...

Driver:"No really officer I bought it from the factory like that..."
Officer:" Sorry plucky, you think I was born yesterday... you're going down town sparky."
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