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Originally Posted by GunnyG View Post
camaro_RS, Congrats on COTW! That SW looks classy, enjoy!
Haha thanks Gunny! I've been trying to keep it classy like you keep yours

Originally Posted by Ivan @ Southwest Speed View Post
This is what's up!

Congrats my brotha!! Really well deserved. Thanks for keepin after it and doing all that work to make it heads and shoulders above the rest man.

Thanks for the mad PROPS Ivan!! Always love it when you give me props. You've been cool to me since we met at the ECC meet and greet. Always supporting what I was doing with my car. Thanks for the love Ivan!!

Your car is definitely in a league of it's own compared to mine.

Originally Posted by StOrM TrOOpEr View Post
congrats on COTW !!!!
Thanks man. Your SW is pretty bada$$ too.

Originally Posted by scottc View Post
Congrats brother! Been watching your progress for a while and it's a well deserved honor to be chosen cotw. V6's rock! Welcome to the club.
Haha thanks scottc!! Thought it was awesome when your car was COTW!! Your SGM is killer! It's been cool keeping up with your thread.

Originally Posted by aquablueL99 View Post
It is nice to see a COTW that I knew all along would become one of the best of the best!!!.....
Nicely done my friend....It does pay big dividends allowing others to "toot" your horn instead of doing it yourself...

Well deserved Camaro_RS---ya did good...ABL99....
Thanks a lot abl99! You were the first to give me props on this thread and I appreciate it tons.
-White Mary thread [COTW 6/11/12] :

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