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Originally Posted by jplayer View Post
While I think aftermarket parts are awesome and I appreciate the time and effort you have put into these my personal opinion is that they do nothing for the car and in fact make it look bad!!!!

To me this car is about heritage and GM has done an excellent job on the base design of retaining a ton of heritage. These parts and I am sure many others that will show up seem to be more about "bling bling" for a lack of better description and go in the completely opposite direction of the heritage feeling...

BTW.. I am not saying that aftermarket parts cannot work on this car... In fact I think the direct opposit... As long as aftermarket parts retain that classic feeling of the car I think there is incredible potential...
good, mine will be more unique with these parts then And, uh, the grille and everything else I've seen looks a lot more like what they had on the old RS Camaros So I dunno where 'bling bling' comes from... maybe the fuel door I could see, but the grills are definitely 'heritage' derivatives.
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