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Originally Posted by LSX-V View Post
You should see the kool aid drinking svt forum owners. They are trying to downplay and hate on the zl1. Excuses such as: These guys don't know how to test cars, The gt500 goes straight faster and that's the only thing that matters, Whoopdy the zl1 goes fast in a circle.

I own a cts-v and anyone whos driven an lsa car with mag ride knows what I'm talking about when I say it's a very well balanced car. It kills my 12 gt500 svt perf package car on the same twisty roads.

That being said It seems as though the cts-v got similar numbers on the same test despite being 300lbs heavier and around 30hp down.

This is one thing I don't understand, CTS-V is heavier and down 24hp, and ZL-1 has more tire to put it down.
The Camaro should drop a few tenths there, no?
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