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Originally Posted by Deki View Post
No, lost slalom and skid pad. .05 on the skid pad is quite a difference as well. We'll see how composed the GT500 is on a road course. Decent video. MT just needs to stick RP behind the wheel of both of these beasts and let him beat the hell out of them at Willow.
Originally Posted by epkmvuoq View Post
I fail,,,I loose,,,I will admit ,,I will not deny. Your mustang is unquestionably the best and fastest thing on god given earth. ,,,,,,please,it hurts me when you say the deny and fail thing. ONE MORE TIME,,,,I HAVE FAILED,,,,,I DRIVE A BIG FAT SLOW LS3 CAMARO THAT WILL NEVER,NEVER,NEVER IN ANY WAY OUT RUN A MUSTANG. AND MY CAMARO IS VERY UGLY !! YOU ARE SO LUCKY AND FORTUNATE TO HAVE THAT COYOTE.
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