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Originally Posted by 72MachOne99GT View Post
What's not to like?

I like the results, stops and goes faster (123 trap vs 116)
Within a mph or so on slalom
And loses skidpad (though I expect both cars to go up a tiny bit since last years PP car went 1.00 or 1.01)

I haven't read the text version yet, but I seriously doubt anyone at stvperformance is upset by the results.....

What we didn't like, as some of you know and have expressed, real drivers and a real road course comparison is what we want (we being some ford guys but not me, I couldn't make it a full lap around a road course yet lol)
Basically, it was 2 for 2 in that test. I'm still suspicious as to why these things are only trapping in the teens.
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I fail,,,I loose,,,I will admit ,,I will not deny. Your mustang is unquestionably the best and fastest thing on god given earth. ,,,,,,please,it hurts me when you say the deny and fail thing. ONE MORE TIME,,,,I HAVE FAILED,,,,,I DRIVE A BIG FAT SLOW LS3 CAMARO THAT WILL NEVER,NEVER,NEVER IN ANY WAY OUT RUN A MUSTANG. AND MY CAMARO IS VERY UGLY !! YOU ARE SO LUCKY AND FORTUNATE TO HAVE THAT COYOTE.
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