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got screwed too

My mother-in-law and i both ordered our camaros from apple chevy in york pa. she was no#1 and i was no#3 on their list sometime in march they called her to confirm her order before it went to production i was told in a week or two i'd get a call to confirm my order as well. five weeks went by and no call from my dealer yet so i called and the dealer told me they had already submitted my order. and to come down and go over it with them just to make sure everything was right( empty feeling in stomach) get down there and they had forgotten to order my rs package on my car. so naturally i get very upset and then the dealer tells me they will fix it. get a call yesterday from dealer that my car has arrived. then not even five minutes later the dealer calls and tells me they made a mistake. it was not my car it was the mistake car. i was like what do you mean mistake car??? back when they screwed my order up in march instead of fixing my order they kept this car for themselves and reordered in car for me. they just cost 4-5 months of wait time because my order seniority is now from march not december. I am thinking about cancelling my order with them and going somewhere else to order my car. so be warned don't order from apple chevy in york pa. oh yea my order # is D00353234 not that it means anything now!!! :mad0 260:
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